Our cleaners provide delivery services to more than 200 households,

And we will continue to provide the best cleaning service through the drive-thru for quick pickup services for customers.


What Client’s Say

My wife and I have used Pride Cleaners for close to 20 years they have always done a great job for use. Their service is great and their prices are very fair. I would recommend them to anyone!

Stephen Sherman

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Thank you for giving us five stars. We will work harder on your service and satisfaction.


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Great people, service and a great finished product!! Have been a customer since they opened!!

Charlie Brown

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Our laundry considers the environment and the health of our customers by using ‘wet cleaning’.
Many people think locations that specialize in Wet Cleaning don’t use Dry Cleaning. However, in Georgia, we utilize both methods to provide the best results possible.Our Cleaners laundry does not use hazardous chemicals. Wet cleaning uses only water and organic biodegradable solvents. It is 100% eco-friendly as it does not use harsh chemicals.

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